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Web Cam "South Fork of New River"



The streaming StarDot NetCam is active 24/7; however, it is best viewed during daylight hours



The StarDot NetCam is looking at the junction of the River Reach island north canal and the South Fork of the New River. The view is in a west-north-westerly direction.
Traffic on the New River consists mostly of pleasure boats but commercial vessels, such as the tour boat "Jungle Queen", the Water Taxi, chartered party boats, construction barges, yacht support vessels, the US Coast Guard, and local law enforcement can also be observed.

Pleasure boats of all sizes, from row boats, kayaks to mega yachts can regularly be seen. Yachts are often of such size that small tug boats, at the bow and stern, are necessary to navigate the heavily traveled, narrow and winding river.

The New River flows into the Atlantic Ocean and is therefore affected by the tides. At this location it ranges from 2 - 3 feet. On an outgoing tide, the current is left to right in the picture, -- reverse on an incoming tide.

Click here for state of the tide, at the nearby Andrews Avenue bascule bridge (26.1183 N, 80.1450 W).

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Click here to watch a streaming video of the inlet to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. Cruise ships, freighters, recreational boat traffic, and even birds can be observed.


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